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Our Programs

We have tailor-made programs that ensure our clients heal, recover and are empowered as follows

In-Patient Programme

The inpatient programme focuses on individual suffering from substance abuse, this is usually done away from their usual place or work environment upon arrival a drug test is done to disclose the main substance that have been abused, in this case the person undergoing rehabilitation is usually referred to as a client. After drug test the client is renewed by a psychiatrist who usually draws a treatment plan .The treatment is usually in two stages; withdrawal management and detoxification .The withdrawal management usually deals with all the side effects that comes with stopping the intake of the drug of choice at once. The detox stage is a delicate process that requires to be monitored by a qualified doctor and a proper nursing which is usually readily available. The client also undergoes psychological or counselling sessions to identify the underlying issues for a period as stipulated by the psychologist. At some point along the way the family members are involved in a family therapy session that is aimed at bridging the differences encountered by the both parties as a result of drug and substance abuse; this also provides a platform for discussing the exit plan for the client once he/she is through with the programme in order to prevent relapse. The inpatient programme usually runs for a minimum period of 90 days.

Out-Patient Programme

This programme is designed for individual who need treatment or counselling but do not requires the additional support and safety that the residential treatment provides. In the part the clients is allowed to slowly modify their behavior within the ongoing context of their daily life with the support provided by the counsellor and social group. In this programme the client is allowed to check in on a daily basis as need arises. This program has no specific timeline as it highly depends on the client’s feelings or attitude it is usually a client based programme.

One-on-One Counselling

In this programme the client has sessions with the addiction counsellor that focuses on psychological issues, family issues, peer group issues, lifestyle issues, marriage issues, justification issues, relapse issues, among others issues that might affect their recovery process.

Family Therapy Programme

Family members and significant other play a major role in the recovery process. Addiction is a disease that affects different parties in different ways mainly classification as the direct user and the indirect user, in this case the family members falls in the category of the indirect user hence the need for them to understand the addiction diseases and how to give priority to fulfil their own needs and delink from their desire to control the patient. At the serenity place one-on-one sessions together with the family members is a key part of the programme as well as the recovery process.

Other Services


  • Mentorship for youth
  • Support and Maintenance for people with chronic mental illness
  • Vocational and skill empowerment
  • Job placement for the needy


  • Education and public awareness
  • Intervention services
  • Screening, assessment and referral
  • Detox(medical and social)
  • Client education
  • 12-step support program
  • Relapse education and management
  • Aftercare and follow-up (Alumni)
  • Psycho education and life skills program
  • Career and social integration programs


  • Rescue Centre for women and victims of GENDER BASED VIOLENCE (GBV)
  • Family education and empowerment programs
  • Addiction and psychological counselling and therapy
  • Workplace interventions and Employee Assistance program
  • Drug and Alcohol testing
  • Behavioural addictions counselling and support
  • Professional development short courses(3-5 days)
  • Workplace substance use policy formulation
  • Trauma, loss and bereavement counselling and recovery support

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