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Kahawa Sukari Estate, Along Thika Road(Opposite Kenyatta University), Kiu-River Road, 2nd South Avenue

As a facility we offer both long term and short term treatment. The long term treatment is a residential treatment which involve individual counselling, family therapy, group therapy, 12 steps program and spiritual counselling. We also offer outpatient services depending on the clients’ preference and presenting problem.

One can know if they are an addict by lack of a will power to control their substance use or behavioral. This is the point at which ones is being controlled by the addiction and not by themselves then at this point one need to seek treatment from a profession.

You can play a critical role in motivating individual with drug problem to enter and stay in treatment. Family therapy can also be important. Involvement of family members and significant other in an individual treatment program can strengthen and extend treatment benefits.

Through reducing stigma and creating awareness to them since some don’t know if they have a problem or even how they can get the help required. Also remember treatment doesn’t need to be voluntary to be effective. Treatment can be either family initiated or friend’s initiated or even professional initiated (by court of law, institution or even medical doctor)
Men and women, young and old, drug addict, behavioral addicts and mental disorders.
We do have a capable and fexible outreach team that can travel to any part of Kenya to fetch a new client.(Nairobi, Eldoret, Kisumu, Nakuru, Mombasa, Kitale, Kakamega e.t.c)

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