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The Serenity Place is a COMMUNITY BASED ORGANISATION founded as a centre of hope, recovery and empowerment for people with alcohol and substance abuse dependence, and people with mental illnesses. Its key objective therefore is to provide a serene environment for treatment and recovery by providing aftercare and follow-up programs for empowerment to the sufferers and the affected population of families, the society and nation at large. The Serenity Place shall endeavour to work with the infected and affected individuals, with communities and stake holders because addiction is a disease so that it becomes preventable, treatable and manageable at all levels. We shall offer individualised support for people with all types of mental illnesses.
We are Registered by the relevant statutory bodies and collaborate with like-minded partners to achieve our objectives
Our State of the art treatment centre has a 22 bed capacity for separate female and male clients set in a home-away-from home environment where residents live like brothers and sister in common bond and goals.


Dr. Elizabeth Koimett

Founder | Director

Why Choose The Serenity Place

At Serenity, we believe that every person is unique and desires to live in dignity towards a happy successful and fulfilled life. We provide safe, dignified, personalised, holistic treatment, recovery and empowerment. This is achieveable because of:


We are convinced that alcohol and substance use addiction is a treatable and manageable illness. With timely and appropriate diagnosis, care and management, recovering people can regain their functioning and become productive members of the community. Our objectives shall be geared towards this realization.


We set ourselves apart using :-

  • Conducive and serene environment
  • Rehabilitative treatment and recovery
  • 24/7 and attention
  • Family or joint session
  • Multidimensional approaches
  • Utilisation of research models
  • Affordable and flexible payment plans
  • Comprehensive aftercare


We utilise an eclectic model towards whole-person recovery that combines the 12 steps theraputic community, rational, emotive and cognitive behaviour and occupational therapies.

Mr. Ngarariga James


Addiction is a disease that can be cured, in this the individuals must love themselves and declare that they are not defined by their relapse but by their decision to remain in recovery they must understand the main goal is not to be sober but to love themselves that they don’t need to drink or smoke where they will say that I understood myself only after I destroyed myself and only in the process of fixing myself did I know who I really was.


Become a leader in the provision of psychological, emotional and spiritual health to alcohol and substance dependent individuals and support their families in Kenya.

Core Values

The Serenity Place is founded on principles that encourage the following core values:

  • Client Focus
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Ethical Behaviour
  • Transparency
  • Non-Discrimination (race, gender, culture and religion)
  • Unconditional positive regard (UPR)


To provide serene and conducive environment through the use of right skills, best practices and approaches for recovering people in order to liberat them from the affliction of substance use, dependence and addiction.

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